Aligned Care Programme Testimonials

aligned care programme

We love the impact that the Aligned Care Programme has had for the health professionals that have joined us on the course.

As the Aligned Care Programme can be tailored to suit multiple professions, we have shown below some feedback from our previous delegates who work in a variety of roles:

“I was able to walk away from the course with content that is active and real and ready to My experience of leaning about Aligned Care Programme is exciting to me because it is a Holistic and Personal Care Plan approach. It is a method that supports self-management as patients can take responsibility of their care and outcomes. Perhaps the key is allowing the patent to have a choice once they are given the opportunity to express and understand what that is. This programme has an emphasis on communication skills that impact the relationship and care with patients. The impact of care is to understand the patient experience and do what we can do as they feel listened to. Affirming patients and acknowledging specifically what you both want to achieve is communicated in a way forward. The platform for this course is one that is active in a participatory way. Content and ideas are presented and then you breakout with partners and apply right away what it is about and learn from it. I found use. As we worked together in groups we were able to see how dynamic the content is when utilized. I highly recommend using this programme as patient centred holistic care, and learn communication skills that focus on the patient in a way that promotes understanding from their point of view”
Amanda Berry, Nurse
“This course provides a great opportunity to reassess our own communication strategies and how we deal with patients. I feel equipped to change for the better my experience of caring for my patients as much as I hope it might also improve their experience of being cared for. Many of the tools and strategies offered are a revelation; powerful agents for change that are almost magical in their simplicity”
Dr Priscilla Norgren, GP
“This course has been innovative in the way it helps clinicians take a fresh and different look at the way patient interactions are conducted. Every minute counts and this course helps to give ideas and tools of how to make every interaction as effective both for me as a clinician and the patient with the health concern. Taught and facilitated in a kind caring and open learning environment – and by Jo and Annette, it makes learning such a pleasant and nourishing experience”
Rakhee Shah, Senior Diabetes Specialist Podiatrist
“The Aligned Care Programme is an excellent course based on what really matters to our patients. It has really changed the way I think,and feel and that my communication skills – both personal and professional have really benefitted from the course. I recommend this course to any health professional who would like to work more effectively with their patients”
Maggie Furley, Palliative Care Nurse and District Nurse
“This course provides clinicians with a range of tools to improve their communication skills and consultation style to work with patients to find tailored and focused solutions for their care”
Dr Lucia Magee, GP and Clinical Fellow in Primary Care and Population Health
“Valuable course in understanding the power of communication and how unintentional miscommunication in consultations can have a detrimental impact on patient health and self-care”
Linda Cowie, Registered Pharmacist and Director of Behavioural Strategy
“A great thought provoking course at how we can continue to improve patient care using a holistic personalised approach”
Dr.Jasmin Farikullah, GP
“A fresh and different approach to healthcare that can improve patient health and relationships with HCPs. Thought provoking, insightful and enriching. Well delivered by experts. Thoroughly enjoyed”
– Sarha Azam, GP Based Pharmacist  
“The current state of consultations in general practice can leave a lot to be desired with many issues of fragmented care being identified. This course reminds us of the importance of treating the person holistically. It reminds us to listen to the individual and ask them ‘what they want’ from the consultation…….The Aligned Care Programme is an excellent course, It reminds us that the individual has the choice and the control over the way their care is planned and delivered and this care should be delivered in a holistic way”
– Tina Titley, Nurse Practitioner in Primary Care