Leading the Impact on Health Inequalities at a Grass Roots Level

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There is a buzz of activity within organisations in the NHS and Social Care to get the infrastructure in place to address and reduce inequalities in health in the UK.

Yet is it right to wait until that infrastructure is in place before we start to make the difference that needs to be made? Is it just the infrastructure that needs to change or is it also about the fundamental culture within our organisations that need to align with the vision to reduce inequalities? Isn’t now the ideal time to upskill our leaders and front-line staff so they are equipped to holistically deliver their services and interactions with this aligned culture?

This one day interactive, thought provoking and impactful workshop provides leaders, managers, partners, organisational heads and commissioners the opportunity to step back and consider their individual and organisational responsibility in leading the change in health inequalities.

Through highly effective facilitation, we look at the following:

  • How are inequalities in health evident within the communities you serve?

  • What is the real-life impact on the mental, social and physical health of those faced with these inequalities?

  • Stepping into the shoes of the members of your communities, what stops you engaging with the services available to you and changing your behaviour to benefit your health?

  • What needs to change in the culture of your organisation and how can you make an impact on this change?

  • How can this change positively impact everyone involved?

  • What are the challenges in reducing inequalities within your communities and how can these challenges be addressed?

  • What skills are missing for you and the professionals who interact with those suffering from inequalities in your communities?

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