Your Course Developers – Annette Bradley & Jo Creed

The Aligned Care Programme was devised by Jo Creed of J&S Development Services Ltd. and Annette Bradley of MA Training Enterprise Ltd.

Having over 40 years experience working within the NHS, Jo and Annette both have an intense passion for empowering health professionals and empowering patients and for some time recognised that their joint expertise could be the difference that made the difference.

During a video chat early during the Covid-19 lockdown of 2020, they realised that there had been a number of initiatives within the NHS with the aim of providing a more holistic and person centred approach to the care of patients with long-term conditions but little had been done to provide the health professionals with the skills and expertise needed to really take this into their practice. From this conversation, the Aligned Care Programme was born!

Annette Bradley

Annette Bradley is an Advanced Nurse Practitioner, NMC registered Tutor and Director of MA Training Enterprise who works in Primary care. She has been a Senior Lecturer for the University of Wolverhampton for over a decade and had a book published- Practice Nursing- The Fulcrum of Primary Care.

Her 30 years’ experience as a Practice Nurse revealed to her how difficult it was to access training and that Training and Education was very ad hoc and that there was a wide Practice-Theory gap. This sparked her interest for making training and Education accessible, patient centred, holistic and inspirational.

As a nurse, service user and parent she understands the importance of giving and receiving holistic care.

After spending 40 years in the NHS caring for patients, Annette understands what the essence of patient care is all about -being passionate, having empathy and genuinely caring.

As a result, it was her ambition to share her knowledge and experience .

She brings these values to her teaching, where she is passionate about sharing her knowledge, skills, and experience to inspire Health Professionals to be successful and appreciate the importance of caring for patients holistically.

Jo Creed

Jo Creed has been working withing healthcare for over 17 years, initially as an Excellence Director within Primary Care.

In February 2011 Jo’s father died aged 79. During what can only be described as 6 months of hell, he went from a mobile and communicative man to a completely bed ridden, emaciated shell of his former self who was unable to communicate. Seeing him lose his self-esteem and his will to live was the hardest thing she had ever had to witness.

As she started to come to terms with her grief, she stepped back and looked at what had happened and came to a realisation that every one of the health professionals cared and were working really hard, yet maybe they were being pulled apart by the ever changing goalposts they worked within? Maybe they didn’t have the support or skills they needed?

It was then that her passion for helping those working within healthcare and social care formed. She is now proud to see how our training can really enable the healthcare professionals we work with build their skills to increase their motivation and job satisfaction and make a difference to patient care.

Since 2011 she has been helping health professionals and organisations handle the challenges of working within the NHS and also providing them with ways to empower patients to own their own health outcomes. With her foundations in human psychology, she has gone on to combine the skills and tools of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Clean Language, Behavioural Psychology, Transactional Analysis and Motivational Interviewing and is passionate about providing NHS professionals with the means to bring an easy to apply coaching methodology into their consulting to improve clinical results and enable the patient to feel they are receiving a patient-centered service.