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The Full Aligned Care Programme – Is Now the Time For Change?

The Full Aligned Care Programme is provided over 8 half day sessions and is for Health Professionals and Health Organisations who recognise that now is the time to change the way that they have provided personalised care for patients with long-term conditions.

They may now know that continuing with the standard model of care, by treating the individual disease rather than the patient, is demotivating for their staff, limits the positive impact on clinical indicators, leads to unproductive processes and multiple consultations and impacts patient satisfaction and engagement with the management of their health.

As a result, they want to incorporate the required skills to take an aligned, whole person and holistic approach to patient care to help improve the clinical outcomes and quality of life for patients with long term conditions by empowering patients and their carers.

With a unique approach, combining clinical, psychological, motivational interviewing and coaching perspectives, the emphasis of this programme is to enable Health Care Professionals to gain the ability to help empower their patients with multiple morbidities to manage their own care.

The Full Aligned Care Programme covers ways of addressing an individual’s full range of needs, taking into account their health, personal, family, social, economic, educational, mental health, ethnic and cultural background and personal circumstances. It teaches Health Professionals the required skills to align the holistic needs of the patient with their medical requirements to produce a plan of care in partnership with the patient which fits with each individuals and the patient can then take ownership of.

Course Contents

This course is provided over 8 half day sessions.

  • Understanding the benefits of using a change in approach when managing patients with multiple or single long-term conditions

  • Understanding how the whole person Aligned Care approach for patients with multiple long-term conditions can improve their quality of life

  • Measuring Clinical and Quality Outcomes-The positive impact that taking an Aligned Patient Care approach can have.

  • Patients and their carers – the benefits of personalised care planning.

  • The benefits of the Aligned Care Approach for Health care professionals, the NHS and other Health Care Organisations.

  • How to use clinical skills and information gathering to deliver care using a whole person approach

  • Promoting a whole person, aligned care approach by involving the patient in personal care planning

  • The patient journey incorporating Diagnosis, personalised care and long-term condition review and acute presentation and how to bring an aligned, person-centred and holistic approach into these consultations

  • The keys to using a motivational interviewing approach for patients with Long Term Conditions and how it can help to engage and encourage patients and their carers to be more involved in managing their condition.

  • Empowering the patient to be more action focussed and take ownership of their Personalised Care Plan

  • Agreeing and setting goals and outcomes

  • How to listen for clues and ask the right questions to get beneath the layers of what is going on for the individual patient to enable them, the health care professional and the carer to work together to produce an effective plan of care that aligns with the patients’ needs and aspirations.

  • Identifying the patient’s blocks to making changes and taking ownership of their health and how to utilise a coaching methodology to remove these blocks.

  • Understanding the motivation spectrum and the impact this has for the patient

  • Interpreting investigations and communicating results to patients in a way that they understand

  • Drug interactions and side effects- the keys to communicating them to the patient so that they understand and can make an informed choice.

  • How to make remote consulting work for the health professional and the patient with long term conditions

  • How an aligned care approach may help people who have Long Term Conditions and a co-existing mental health condition or have mental health difficulties because of their Long Term Condition.

  • Considering Dietary and lifestyle as part of personalised care planning and understanding the impact of how you give advice to a patient and how this affects the likelihood of them following your advice.

  • Liaising with other organisations to produce a multidisciplinary Personalised Care Plan that aligns with patient needs and an aligned cross-organisation approach

  • The challenges of COVID19 and post COVID19 for managing the care of patients with long term conditions

  • Minor Illness and its impact on patients with long term conditions

  • Understanding confidentiality, consent and capacity when agreeing a plan of care

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